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Rofirm Gabions & Mattresses Co. is the China leading manufacturer and supplier of gabions of various forms including mattress, mats, sacks, boxes, baskets, cages and terra systems. We export to many countries with quality gabion products and services and technical support. We provide a detailed information on various types of our gabion products, materials and installation information. For details, you are welcome to contact us.
Quick view of our products:
Rofirm gabions products are available in galvanized steel, galvanized & PVC Coated materials. Full range of sizes are available.
Uses: Mainly for Retaining walls, soil stabilization, riverbank protection & erosion prevention.
  Gabion Mattress for Slope Protection
Gabions and reno mattresses are commonly designed and constructed in a wide variety of configurations to provide long term slope protection solutions.
  Reno Mattresses
Reno Mattresses are used for channel and other areas such as bridge abutment & culvert locations to prevent erosion of the banks or beds of the stream, river or foreshore.
  Terramesh Units
A gabion front with an integral mesh panel keyed into the backfill which allows high strength stabilisation without using high mass stone fills. High walls with heavy loading can be designed.
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