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Gabions Retaining Wall
Rofirm first gabions retaining structure project was constructed in 1893 to retain the river banks of the River Reno at Casalecchio. Rofirm is known as the market-leader in gabions and mattresses.
Our heritage provides a foundation of experience and credibility. Contact Rofirm to get help with your next gabion wall design. Login below for gabion design assistance, software, brochures, installation guides, technical specifications and AutoCAD drawings.
Gabion reataining structures are rectangular wire mesh
baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible,permeable, monolithic structures such as gabion retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects.
They are also used for erosion control for bank stabilization, channel linings, and gabion weirs.
Gabion strength lies in their double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire which is reinforced by selvedges of heavier wire running along the edges and by transverse diaphragms.
The wire will not unravel even when cut. Assembly is easy, requiring no specialized labor and nearby rock is used for fill.
Gabion retaining structures are available with different levels of protecting coating for durability. With 30% voids, gabion structures offer free drainage providing a higher bank stability when used for river bank protection.
Advantages of woven Rofirm gabions:
  • Monolithic and Flexible structures
  • Tolerates differential settlement
  • Uniform wire coating for extra durability
  • Permeable structures
  • Pre-assembled units for fast installation and higher quality product
  • No specialized labor required for installation
  • Soil Bioengineering
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